1600 Ton Production Press

A clay-fired brick manufacturer had an order to make clay fired slabs of 1 metre square.  To press out these huge clay biscuits before firing, a force of 1600tonnes was required.  A rapid production run of 3 slabs per minute was specified.

To achieve the rate, two fast double-acting 100 ton jacks were used to make the initial press and the final compression force was delivered by a 1400 ton jack. By working the 2 system in tandem, the desired compression force was attained with speed. An ejector cylinder assisted in freeing the slab.

The process was entirely executed and controlled by a PLC based controller module which ensures the repeatability of the process, safely and accurately.

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slider-product-1 3D drawing of the 1600 ton press Actual completed press Front view of 3D drawing High speed extension coupled with low speed finishing