Camber system

The camber is a slight arching curvature which is lower at the 2 ends of the beam and highest at the centre.  Creating a camber increases the load bearing capacity of the beam.

A foreign civil engineering company involved in bridge-building was commissioned to create this camber on the beams of bridges to improve its load bearing capacity. The task was laborious involving the manual use of jack to raise the beams at intervals to create the gradual arc or camber.

The solution offered was to design a system of jacks which could be controlled by a centrally operated controller that will deliver point force to lift the beam at predetermined points along the beam to heights set at each of these points, thereby forming the requisite camber or curvature. The programme allows for accurate repeatability in the bending of all the beams on the bridge. Productivity improved 10 fold with the fully computerised system. More importantly it was extremely safe.

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Consultation and design of system to provide desired result Design and consultation of arching the I beams to the right shape Training and testing on actual site

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