Cylinder Calibration Services

Hydraulic Cylinder Calibration Services

MTC operates a fully accredited lab capable of testing cylinders up to 2000 tonne at full capacity.  Having one of the biggest test frame in the world allow MTC to test most cylinders to full capacity.

Our Singlas accredited lab adheres to ISO376 and undergoes stringent yearly audit with certification traceable to the UK.  All test carried out is operated by an intelligent top of the range fully computerized system providing extremely accurate minute adjustments and thus minimizing human error to almost zero.

MTC is currently the only company in this region capable of testing hydraulic jacks up to 2000 tonne at full capacity with no extrapolation.  The danger of extrapolation, meaning jacks not tested at full capacity due to insufficient equipment capability but by plotting a straight line on the graph to assume the rest of the test is that the hydraulic jack may be faulty at a higher capacity and may not be able to withstand the higher pressure.  This will not be detected during the test and may result in product failure in the field.

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2 x 100 ton calibrated hollow jack used for tensioning 30 ton anchor bolt testing using a 30 ton hollow calibrated hydraulic jack 1600 ton jack with calibration 2000 ton pile test utilising 2 x 1000 ton calibrated hydraulic jacks Cylinder Calibration Services Cylinder Calibration Services Cylinder Calibration Services Cylinder Calibration Services

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