Ship weighing

After the construction of an 16000 ton offshore support vessel, the shipyard wanted to know the exact weight of the ship and its load distribution before launching it to sea.  A consultation was conducted to size up the system and couple it to their unique launching method. 

The load was constantly monitored and installation supervised.  The multi purpose vessel DP-2 has an overall length of 162m and a width of 32m.  The vessel was constructed on a slipway in a Singapore yard.  When the super structure was completed, a percentage of the load has be maintained to provide enough friction to prevent the ship from slipping.

To launch the completed super structure, the builder needed to transfer the ship’s load from the keel block so that the keel can be removed and then lowered onto the slipway and slid on its own weight into the water.  The load was carefully monitored using our computerised load monitoring system.  Training and supervision was provided throughout the entire process.

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Installation of lacks and communication lines for weighing of ship Installation services provided for launching Training and on site support Weighing of ship before launching

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