Spreader Tester


Spreader used in container port around the world is required to be periodically tested to ensure its integrity and safety as a lifting equipment.  The common way to test the spreader is to mount it onto a crane and lift a dead load equivalent to the overload weight designed for the spreader. 

However, this method of testing is often disruptive as they have to assign a crane to carry out the test and setting up the system takes time, space and effort.  Hence, after consultation, we provided a solution that can help them save time, effort and money.

The set up is a simple frame with lifting device mounted at the top.  The base of the spreader mounted at the bottom provides the reaction.  A data logger and program was provided for them to carry out the test according to the procedure and requirement.

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Design and consultation of spreader testing DSCF0481 DSCF0509 Spreader anchored to ground and jacks above provide pull test

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