About MTC

Malayan Daching Company was established in 1955 as a manufacturer and supplier of quality mechanical weighing scales. At that time weights and size of goods sold were under the purview of Trade Laws which controlled and regulated the standards and measures used in such transactions. In 1975, the Weights & Measures Act (Chapter 349) was enacted. From these humble beginnings, the company made a giant leap to become an accredited body providing calibration of weights and measures instruments as well as an accredited supplier of such equipment.

Today the company has diversified into Process Automation, Building and Construction, Surface Treatment, Chemical Packaging, and Trading.

Weights and Measures remain a core part of its business. Recognising the need to meet the constantly increasing demands for heavy duty safety and precision measurements, MDC took the bold step to start MDC Tech Centre (MTC), designing and built one of the largest test and calibration frame with the capacity to test jacks and load cells up to 2000 tonne at full capacity.


The challenge is to test and calibrate these heavy capacity equipments precisely with ease and convenience. Using well synchronised computer programmed controls; tests are carried out at the touch of a button to start each test cycle. The results are monitored, recorded and displayed to reflect the minute details in real time. This proprietary program is precise and is an officially accredited (Singlas) test regime for industry.

Besides this testing, MTC technical support team has the expertise to provide engineering solutions and allied services; for onsite test requests, rental of test equipment, heavy duty weighing installations, and engineering systems sales.